Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Halloween Edition

13 Pictures from Halloweens Passed

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #17

1. Right now, I'm feeling much, much better. I'm pretty sure I'm not sick anymore.

2. Corvallis for Halloween and NonCon is where I want to be.

3. How does one stand not voting? I really, really wanna.

4. Music keeps me on track.

5. Please do not fight.

6. The thought of watching Heroes on Monday fills me with joy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking my 365 pictures, tomorrow my plans include cleaning my room, and Sunday, I want to carve pumpkins at Papa and Grandma's!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thurday Thirteen: The Musical

The 13 Most Recently Played Songs In My iTunes

(Keep in mind my iTunes rarely ever gets taken off shuffle)

1. Fix You, Coldplay

2. Pleasure Ryland, Cobra Starship

3. Because, Across the Universe Cast

4. 1-2 Crush On You, The Clash

5. Ocean of Noise, Arcade Fire

6. SexyBack, Justin Timberlake

7. Turn Me On, Norah Jones

8. Jungle Boogie, Kool and the Gang

9. Sleeping In, The Postal Service

10. Dragging Dead Bodies in Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills, Escape the Fate

11. Kiss Me, Sixpence None The Richer

12. The Diary of Jane, Breaking Benjamin

13. Just Like Honey, The Jesus and Mary Chain

Also, cuz I'm in a giving/musically inclined mood, I'll put up my 13 favorite songs from my Recently Added, which, as always, is amazingly full.

1. Umbrella, All Time Low

2. Somebody Loved, The Weepies

3. Vieni a Ballare in Puglia, Caparezza

4. Silver Lining, Rilo Kiley

5. Acid Tongue, Jenny Lewis

6. Like Eating Glass, Bloc Party

7. Valerie, Ghost of the Robot

8. Got Your Money, Say Anything

9. Put Yo Hood Up, Set Your Goals

10. I Kissed a Boy, Cobra Starship

11. I've Been Eating (For You), Bright Eyes

12. Handcuffs, Brand New

13. Men In Black, Forever the Sickest Kids

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My 365 post or yesterday was a picture of my iPod, which got me thinking. My iPod has a name. So does lots of other stuff I own. I have a tendency to name everything.

My Phone: Cherry Oh Baby

My iPod? I call her Vera.

My Camera: Fernando a.k.a King Missile

My Computer: Johnny Rotten

My Noserings: Sid and Nancy

My Lamp: I Love

My Girlfriend: Your mom.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sixth Pic

Got this off mom's blog. You put up the sixth photo in the sixth folder in My Pictures.

Monday, October 20, 2008

If I Was

Ages and ages ago I got tagged by mom to do a meme Mary created and now I've finally decided to do it.
Here goes.

If I was a punctuation mark I'd be a semi colon.

If I was a form of currency I'd be an IOU.

If I was a hallucinogen I'd be Ecstasy. I'd put holes in your brain.

If I was an element I'd be sulfur with water to create sulfuric acid.

If I was a best-selling book I'd be Stargirl.

If I was a thought I'd be passing.

If I was a way to understand love I'd be deep thought.

If I was a boot I'd be Doc Martens.

If I was a hue I'd be electric blue!

If I was a soup I'd be leek and potato.

If I was time I'd travel through myself.

If I was a drink I'd be a Sloe Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall.

If I was a play I'd be written with you in mind.

If I was a long-distance carrier you could hear me now.

If I was this song I'd put myself on repeat.

You Know What?

No, I'm not going to do a Live and Learn post or a Europe post. Cuz I just don't want to. If you wanna hear about them look at mom's blog. If you wanna see pictures I'll upload them somewhere at some point and anounce it here, but that's all I'm doing.

So there.
Blogging Without Obligation.