Thursday, May 15, 2008

He thinks you're delicious

Thursday Thirteen #17

Thirteen Things About the Town I Live In

1. It's named Everett after the son of one of the town's founders, Charles Colby.

2. It was home to the Weyerhauser Lumber Mill in the early 1900's. Nowadays there's the Kimberly-Clark paper mill.

3. In 1916 it became the site of the Everett Massacre, known also as Bloody Sunday. It was bad, but not quite as bad as Dublin's Bloody Sunday in 1920.

4. In 2004, Everett had 62 rapes, which works out to 63.4 rapes per 100,000 people, twice the national average rate of 32.2 rapes per 100,000 people. Makes you feel all proud of your town, huh?

5. It's the hometown of Kenny Loggins.

6. It's also the hometown of convicted Al-Qaeda enabler Ryan G. Anderson. Another thing to be so very proud of.

7. It's home to Boeing's Everett Factory, the largest building in the world volume-wise, not height-wise.

8. There's a war memorial and an armed forces memorial, both of which I had no idea existed until I looked at Everett's Wiki page.

9. Three of our largest streets are named after the founders of the town, Charles L. Colby, Henry Hewitt, and Colgate Hoyt.

10. Our average temperature high for the year is 59 degrees.

11. There's a Naval station.

12. It's pretty much as boring as it sounds.

13. I can't even find anything interesting enough to put for 13. We have a mall . . . Yay?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Photo Diary: Final Entry

I haven't updated in so long . . .

But, hey, blogging without obligation.

This is gonna be the very last photo diary entry because it appears I'm a little tired of it. No doubt I'll pick it up again, but for now I'll post random pictures when I get good ones. So here are some of the photo diary pictures I've taken since my last entry. I'm not sure what happened what day, so take it date free.

Went to a cutting-of-the-dock-lines party for the crew of the Don Quixote, who are taking off for a sailing adventure.

Then took Chloe for her very first Dick's hamburger.

Went to the library for an anime teen movie night and saw Hiyao Miyazaki's The Cat Returns.

Went shopping with Grandma and got the coolest shorts in existence. Also a sweater. Remember how I love sweaters? Got The Boondock Saints, too. Then spent the night at her house.

Went shopping with mom the next day and got two pairs of the coolest leggings in existence. One pair is gold and the other is black, but it has these lace down things that look WAY cool. I'll put up pictures someday.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Photo Diary: Day Thirty One, Thirty Two, and Thirty Three

I've got a cold! Yay! And, as we know from the past, there are no pictures when I'm sick. None at all. Like I said last time this happened. Just imagine me on the couch watching TV and surfing the web on Chloe's laptop at the same time.
Oh, yesterday, though, I pulled just about the most dumbass stunt in my entire life.
Except for maybe that time Brian and I melted the Lego people.
But, yeah. I decided to go running. Which would be fine in normal circumstances.
Except I decided to go running when I haven't done it in a few weeks, I have a cold, I hadn't slept all night, and I hadn't exactly been up on the fluid intake. It's been a long time since I did something so very stupid. Laugh all you like.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen With Buffyness

Thirteen Reasons I Love Buffy the Vampire Slayer
It just had to be done.

1. Uh, one word. Spike.

William the Bloody

2. Joss is Boss.

Joss Whedon

3. Musical episode!!

once more, with feeling

4. Episode where everyone loses their memory.

Tabula Rasa

5. Episode where there's a spell that makes Spike and Buffy wanna get married.

6. Witty puns.

7. Lesbians.


8. Crazy psychic vampires.


9. English slang.

10. It's based off an awesome movie (written by Joss Whedon).

buffy the vampire slayer movie

11. Little things that are also in Firefly. Like 'religiosity' and 'spry for a corpse/dead fella'.


12. Much world saveage.

13. Best. Pairing. Of all time.

Spuffy Touched 1

Photo Diary: Day Thirty

Met up with Chelsea at EHS after school got out and went to Goodwill.

Photo Diary: Day Twenty Nine

Went to birthday dinner for Grandma at Ivar's in Mukilteo.

Photo Diary: Day Twenty Eight

Did some coloring inspired by the Zombie Barbie I did at dad's birthday party.