Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My 365 post or yesterday was a picture of my iPod, which got me thinking. My iPod has a name. So does lots of other stuff I own. I have a tendency to name everything.

My Phone: Cherry Oh Baby

My iPod? I call her Vera.

My Camera: Fernando a.k.a King Missile

My Computer: Johnny Rotten

My Noserings: Sid and Nancy

My Lamp: I Love

My Girlfriend: Your mom.


Hippothefish said...

Your ipod is my hero.

(and I'm your mom's hero)

Ronnie said...

Yes, indeed you are!

Harper saves babies from burning buildings!

Frank said...

Hey, now...

Let's get off mommas, yo! I just got offa yours!

Ronnie said...

Oh, geez, Frank, my mother reads this! And my daughters! :-)