Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Time For Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things On My To Do List
1. Complete the playlist for the Non Con North Mardi Gras Party.
Mardi Gras
2. Put together a costume for said party.
3. Do as much wheedling as humanly possible to get Harper to come to Non Con.
4. Finalize all kinds of plans for going to and doing stuff in California.
5. Get together or rent a sound system for the above mentioned party.
6. Go see Juno and 27 Dresses.
27 dresses
7. Practice driving.
8. Download much music.
download music
9. Take the dog for a walk.
dog walk
10. Clean up the house.
Clean house
11. Help Chloe plan her birthday party.
birthday party
12. Go underwear shopping.
13. Get my day started (a.k.a. take a shower, eat, wake up Chloe, etc.).
Start of Day


Lisa said...

Uhm...thats a lot to do! You are going to be busy

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You might possibly have more to do than I do at the moment. And I've got plenty.

Hope it gets done easily and painlessly -- especially the costume!

Zenmomma said...

I may just have to steal the picture from #10.

AJ Chase said...

I love this list. How cute that you use those pictures to illustrate. I love it.

Hippothefish said...

Mission 3: Accomplished


Miranda said...

Sounds like a busy day for you.

Great list. Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

i was looking 4 HOT EMO PORN nd i was led here due to image 12 ..... interesting ehh?