Friday, January 25, 2008

What do you do

when you're watching your Grandparents' house for almost three weeks while they're in Cabo San Lucas?

Why, you get bored of course.

And what do you do about this boredom?

You watch crazy amounts of TV and lots of HBO.

You make a countdown to NonCon North.

You take the dog for an insane amount of walks.

You go jogging every single morning, which you never do when you're at home.

You ignore the dishes, which desperately need doing (and then do them at the last possible moment).

You work on the playlist for the NonCon North Mardi Gras party.

You take an insane amount of pictures of yourself.

You snort salt with your cousins.

You watch your cousin go swimming in Puget Sound (in Febuary) and scream like she's being murdered.

You cook things.

You help your sister start a webcomic.

You talk to your boyfriend on MySpace every. Single. Day.
And sometimes on the phone.

You play dress-up.

You read Eat, Pray, Love.

Eat Pray Love

And, finally, you resort to reading fanfiction.

1 comment:

Hippothefish said...

I have a new appreciation for the ammount of time you put into these blogs.