Monday, December 17, 2007


After a year of inactivity Chloe and I have dusted off our old, neglected Neopets and the accounts that go along with them in order to collect all the prizes the site's Advent Calendar offers and in so doing got sucked into the vortex of doom that is Neopets. As of now we are fully and entirely addicted again, after having kicked the habit and staying clean for a year. For the past three days we've spent almost every waking moments earning, using, and saving our Neopoints. We're going crazy over here. I am using all my points to buy the things needed to get avatars, which I have always been obsessed with collecting while Chloe spends her time earning as many Neopoints as she possibly can. The two of us have decided to give each other Virtual 12 Days of Christmas presents and I'm enjoying searching for, haggling for, and buying Chloe's presents. On the left is my Christmas Kau, my Neopet, and on the right is a Snot Snake, one of Chloe's upcoming gifts. It's edible.

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Frank said...

Like the kid said in _Crocodile Dundee Two_: You can eat it but it tastes like shit!