Sunday, April 27, 2008


I found this over on dad's blog and I'm aways up for killing time with stuff like this. I'm bending the rules a little, but who cares? I like it this way.

Suave and compromising. Compromises aren't my strong suit, but I'll say hell yes to that suave bit there.
Careful, cautious and organized. Careful sometimes, cautious at times, always over organized.
Likes to point out people's mistakes. I don't like to. I can't help myself, okay?
Likes to criticize. Again, not so much with the liking it. Unless I don't like the person. It's just a compulsion.
Stubborn. To the end of the world.
Quiet but able to talk well. I suppose, but I'm getting over that quiet thing super fast.
Calm and cool. I've been known to be, but it's not my normal M.O.
Kind and sympathetic. Of course!
Concerned and detailed. Chyesss.
Loyal but not always honest. That about sums it up.
Does work well. Always. I'm very dedicated.
Very confident. You know it. But it wasn't always the case.
Sensitive. Once in a while.
Thinking generous. Not positive what this means, but both words sound like me.
Good memory. Amazing memory, thank you.
Clever and knowledgeable. Uhhh, yeah.
Loves to look for information. You have no idea how much I love info hunting.
Must control oneself when criticizing. Yup, otherwise I go way too far and end up massively hurting feelings. Remember the part where it's a compulsion?
Able to motivate oneself. Sometimes. . .
Understanding. Mhmmm.
Fun to be around. I should hope so.
Secretive. I've been known to be.
Loves sports, leisure and traveling. Chyaa.
Hardly shows emotions. I hide the unhappy ones, yessss.
Tends to bottle up feelings. Mhmmm.
Very choosy, especially in relationships. Haha, yeah.
Systematic. In the biggest way ever.

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