Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Headers, Edition 1

I'm pretty much bored out of my mind with putting up a header every day, so I'm declaring that the whole header cotest thing I had going where I put up a different header every day is officially over. I will gladly put up all the header in this post for your viewing pleasure, though.

I've put them up small, but to see the full view just click them.

Without Me

In a Tire

Pretty Cunning

Straight Up Gangsta

Son of a . . .



Frank said...

My vote goes to "Pretty Cunning."

Ronnie said...

Hey, my favorite isn't here! I like the one with the sexy photo that I took! (Biased? Me? Nah!)

Zenmomma said...

I like "Without Me."

Hey I've got a couple of new pictures that I took of you, or certain parts of you, that you could use for a header if you want. ;-)