Friday, January 4, 2008

Close-to-Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things To Do When You're Really Bored
1. Bounce a balloon back and forth between two people. It's mesmerizing. Once you start you just can't stop.
2. MySpace!!!!!!
3. Pop massive amounts of bubble wrap.
4. Sort and organize EVERYTHING.
5. Listen to German music and pretend you know the words and/or what it means.
6. Check other people's blogs even though you looked at them that morning.
7. Stalk someone.
8. Trade quotes and inside jokes with someone.
9. Draw on yourself or someone else.
10. Pour water on your un-friends (don't ask).
11. Take arm's length self-portraits of yourself.
12. Daydream like you're getting paid for it.
13. Make lists like this one about things you could be/are doing.

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

I'm going to try that balloon thing. I'd listen to German musics except that it gives me a terrible urge to invade Poland.