Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tidbits About MJ

  1. She procrastinates . . . ALOT.(Which is what she's doing right now)
  2. She's crazy obsessive about organizing things other than her bedroom, which is forever messy.
  3. She plans to travel everywhere and go to Europe as soon as she's eighteen.
  4. Pictures and takig them are God.
  5. Her best friend is her Nikon D40.
  6. She loves writing things, even to-do lists.
  7. She daydreams alot, much more than your average 15 year old girl. in fact, it's one of her favorite passtimes.
  8. She not quite sure who she wants to be yet, but she's getting closer.
  9. She is, on the other hand, perfectly sure of what she wants to be, and that is a tattoo artist.
  10. Camp changed her life.
  11. She spends at least eight hours a week taking care of persnickity horses who don't give her the respect she deserves.
  12. She writes things about how much she loves people, but then refuses to post them on her blog for fear the people might read them.
  13. She loves traditions.
  14. God is a good idea, but not organized religion.
  15. She loves painting her nails rainbow.
  16. She was once in love with the Backstreet Boys and decided black and blue were her favorite colors because Black and Blue was the name of one of their albums.
  17. She has a box full of beautiful memories that she looks through on nights she can't sleep.
  18. Song lyrics are beautiful. Always.
  19. She loves making really long lists.
  20. She loves talking about herself and people she loves.
  21. She deaf half the time, so you might have to speak up.
  22. She loves dancing, spinning in circles, and wearing high heels, preferably at the same time.
  23. Connor Oberst is God in her world. Deal with it.
  24. MySpace, too, is God.
  25. She is a vegetarian, but she slips up sometimes. She can't help that meat is gross, but still delicious.
  26. Aviators make everyone look like douchebags and she loves it.
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  27. Her sister is her best friend, and she doesn't care if that makes her sound silly or loser-y, because she knows she's both and she's proud of it.
  28. Her nickname is Pumpkin Scissors and sheloves it when she gets called that.
  29. Her other nickname is Mary Jane and loves being called that even more.

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30. She knows how to clean fish after catching them and has taught people how to do it, but has never caught a fish.

31. She believes this list is too long and she should stop now.

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Ronnie said...

Cool! Did you see in the Wiki that Oberst's brother is in a band called Sorry About Dresden? Connections!