Friday, July 11, 2008

My (Kinda Late) Narcissistic Thursday Thirteen

Today we get to focus completely and entirely on me! My thirteen favorite self-portraits.

Fourth of July.

Cherry blossoms at the Quad at the UW.

Reverand Zombie's House of Voodoo.

Eugene. You can read the whole story of Eugene on my MySpace in the New Orleans photo album.

Found Nemo.

Aunt Lynn's wedding.

Chloe's hand.

My super duper, but fake lip rings.

Can't top this.

Puget Sound.


Father's day dinner.


Monday through Sunday said...
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Monday through Sunday said...

cute! My sis takes self portraits all the time. Both sis' were on a trip taking pics of themselves on the plane to entertain themselves. Funny girls!

Frank said...

Ha! There's a picture of me in your 13.Ho-ho-ho!

Hippothefish said...

Go narcissism!

But you should know by now what my favorite pic of you is ;

Ronnie said...

How cool! A TT featuring one of my favorite subjects! :-)

Zenmomma said...

Awesome as usual!

CiaoBella! said...

So cool, MJ.

Tuppence said...

I especially liked the Puget Sound one. Great pics.

Cid said...

okay...I guess I didn't realize that they made fake lip-rings!! I can get the look that I want without the piercings?! HOW COOL!! Tattoos I can do, but the thought of piercing anything but my ears makes me queasy. I love your blog & hope to see you and your fam at LIFE is Good again next year!!

Peace & Abundance, Cid