Friday, April 11, 2008


Yeah, I realize it's already four months into the New Year, but I'm allowed to make me some resolutions for said New Year whenever I feel like it, mmkay?

  • Go on an adventure at least once a week.
  • Go running at least twice a week.

  • Experiment with photography more (and also get a photo editing software like Photoshop or PhotoImpact to play with).

  • Get a summer job if the craziness of the schedule allows for it.

  • Keep my head in the craziness of the schedule.

  • Get some penpals.

  • Meet some crazy awesome people and befriend them.

  • Go back to meditating every night before bed.

  • Learn to play guitar.

  • Learn to spin poi. Slowly work up to fire poi.

  • Learn some freakin' Italian so I'm not a mute when we go to Italy.

  • Finish that NaNoWriMo novel that I almost finished, then abandoned.

  • More piercings.

  • Finish redocorating my bedroom walls.

  • Keep my room clean (?).

  • Learn more about history.

  • I watched Stick It last night and now I want abs like hers. Maybe I can do it?

  • Stop abandoning projects.

  • Dress up as Spike and Drusilla for Halloween with Chloe. Or be the Black Spy and the White Spy.

  • Write in my journal more often.

  • Pie someone in the face.

  • Learn to play some Damien Rice on the piano.

  • Start taking advantage of the intense amount of freedom I have.

  • Party like a rockstar on a daily basis.


Ronnie said...

Now, that's a fun list!

"Party like a rockstar on a daily basis."

Ack! My house!

I'll help you sort your M'n'M's, though...

Ronnie said...

Qacei Moonshadow said...

Hay! I was gonna dress up as Drusilla for Halloween.

I have a new fondness for her.

Qacei Moonshadow said...

Oh yeah, and this is a cool post ^_^

Frank said...

I LOVE StickIt!

Let's practice some damned Italian!

Hippothefish said...

The next time I get my lazy ass up north we'll have to go running together.
And I'll show you poi.
I can also tell you more then you probably wanted to know about certen choicely bloody bits of history.

In fact I completly support almost everything on this list of awesomeness.
The whole 'keeping room clean' thing, not so much.

Stephanie said...

I gave myself my second black eye with poi balls! Start with something soft :)

CiaoBella! said...

Now I have to look up Poi! Great list, MJ; there's something about springtime that's better for making resolutions cuz you're ready to attack. New Year's Eve? Not so much! I just learned Buon campeanno (Happy Birthday)!
And I discovered I have Adobe Photo Shop; want to use it?