Saturday, November 17, 2007

Because it's fun . . .

. . . more random things about MJ:

  1. Halloween is most definitely an excusefor her to dress like a slut and she loves it.
  2. She never cries.
  3. She got over her worries awhile ago that she wasn't learning enough as an unschooler. She knows now that she knows more about what matters than an kid in school ever will.
  4. What matters is acceptance of everyone and yourself, love, peace, emotion, life, family, friends, enjoying life, doing what's important to you, et cetera.
  5. Vogue is one of hermany guilty pleasures.
  6. She went through a phase where she rejected everything at all feminine. Now she likes girl stuff as much as guy stuff.
  7. Chai is basically the greatest hot drink ever.
  8. She loves sleeping in and a part of her will hate you forever if you wake her up earlier than necessary.
  9. She doesn't care what people say about them selling out, Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy are awesome.
  10. She loves love stories, but only if they live happily ever after.
  11. She doesn't like doing anything alone, but has lately been forcing herself to do more things by herself.
  12. She loves writing letters (and getting them), but never does it.
  13. She loves shoes. Like, ALOT.

  14. She wants alot of piercings.
  15. She is a work of art (in progress).
  16. She loves coloring.
  17. She papers her walls with pictures and ads from magazines.
  18. She loves driving things. Cars, boats, jetskis, four wheelers, tractors, motorcycles, dirtbikes, sailboats, everything.
  19. She likes dresses, but finds it's much too cold for them in the Pacific Northwest most of the time, which is sad.
  20. She's been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Many times. Yes, she knows you're jealous.
  21. She loves lotion that smells nice.
  22. She wants to go on an epic adventure everyday and would love it if you wanted to come on one.
  23. She loves anime and manga, too. Like . . . alot. Her very favorite is Fruits Basket. She would put a link to the Wiki, but, apparently, there are mucho spoilers in there.
  24. To let off stress she talks in the third person every so often.
  25. She's double-jointed in her fingers.
  26. She would wear high heels everywhere if her feet wouldn't kill her after half an hour.
  27. "Kid Stuff" is fun for teenagers, too.
  28. She loves surprising people.
  29. She tends to wear sunglasses at night, which is just one of her quirks.
  30. She LOVES sweaters, which is why winter is her very favorite season. All she wants for Christmas is sweaters. Lots of pretty, colorful, fuzzy, thick sweaters.

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Hippothefish said...

Love stories or ftw. I just watched The Notebook, but I don't think it applies, because they don't live happily ever after.

If you like adventures, I will have to show you a place called zork some day. You'll understand later. But you'll have to come to CA first.

Fruits Basket was good, I need to start reading them again.